Echinacea & Bumblebee

Along the seawall path to Granville Island a pollinator-friendly border of Echinacea (Purple Cornflower) provides nectar and pollen to bumblebees.


Graceful in white


Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click’
Photographed on the balcony, 29 July 2017


Bouquet Cosmos ‘Double Click’ (Cosmos bipinnatus) 

“Bred in France as a cut flower, Double Click offers lovely semi-double and fully double large frilly blossoms in rosy-red, pink, blush and white, all with sunny gold centers. The satiny, 2 to 3 inch blossoms grow on long stems and flower nonstop from early summer on. Cut armfuls of bouquets – the more flowers you pick the more the plants will produce. Butterflies seek out these extra-fancy Cosmos as they sway above ferny foliage.”

Source: Renee's Garden Seeds


Fairest of the fair


A wide-mouthed vase of flowers gathered in mid-July.
Photographed on the balcony, 25 July 2017.


April in Paris  (Lathyrus odoratus)

Developed by world-renowned breeder Dr. Keith Hammett, April in Paris is a perfect match of intoxicating fragrance, lovely form and captivating color with the most intense perfume of any sweet pea I have ever grown. The large ruffled blossoms are a soft primrose cream, tinted at the edges in dark lilac that deepens and increases with age. These strong growing vines produce heavy sets of long-stemmed flowers that beg to be cut for heavenly scented bouquets.” 

Source: Renee's Garden Seeds