Lavender and Liatris for the bees

A sight and sound to thrill a gardener's heart: my mom's front bed of lavender and Liatris spicata has been buzzing with pollinator activity from early morning to late evening ever since the plants started blooming this summer. 

In between rain showers last Saturday afternoon, I followed the bees' activity with my camera.

In the slideshow below, you can view one bumblebee's approach, landing, imbibing of nectar and then departure for the next flower spike.

I'm eager to learn more about these precious pollinators so I've started compiling a list of resources. Here is today's (July 9th) edition of the list:

A Honey Bee Menu for Pollen and Nectar (Organic Gardening)
Bee Garden Blend (West Coast Seeds)
Create a Bee-Friendly Garden (David Suzuki Foundation)
How Can I Help? (Bee Friendly)
The Xerces Society