The truth is…

The hardest thing to get over when you’re trying to live a dream is the possibility that you might fail or that it might not be for you. But the truth is, that’s not the worst thing in the world. If you fail or find out that you don’t like something, then you just got closer to finding out what you’re truly meant for.
— Ashley C. Ford on TGD, December 2015

The Shadow Side of the Sharing Internet

In her latest On Being blog post, Courtney E. Martin thoughtfully and honestly considers what we lose (and save) by moving from engaged participants to selective curators.

“[Using technology such as the iPhone and Instagram to capture, curate and share] can be a creative act, a celebratory act, an act of connection across distance and time. It can also be an act that pulls us out of the moment and out of the rare bliss that is unselfconscious and fully absorbed existence. Taken to the extreme, there aren’t enough “likes” in the universe for that kind of loss.”