Into the Fog

Moments collected and saved during a seawall walk,
Vanier Park, Vancouver, British Columbia,  December 9th, 2017.

Two by two


A place for rest, reflection, remembering


Power, grace, synchrony

Cutting the waves


Soaring and swimming




"No drop-offs, no pick-ups"

Black & White Challenge: to be continued

Even though I completed the 7-day B&W Challenge on Facebook, I've decided to continue experimenting and practicing here on The Preserves.

Yesterday morning while browsing my Lightroom archives of unprocessed photographs, my eye stopped on this December 2010 image. I love the way my mom styles her home at Christmas: elegant, classic, and warm. And to my delight, when I arrived for a visit this morning, and entered the dining room, I saw this mirror on mirror, exactly as it was seven December ago!

December 2010 (Rebecca Lily Proset IV Luna)

Black & White Challenge, Day 4

This past Sunday morning as I walked about the Douglas Park neighbourhood, I tried to ignore the colour of the flora, and evaluate potential subjects in terms of line,  texture, and tone.

Here are some variations of a photograph of the few remaining leaves on a small dogwood (Cornus sp.) tree. For each one I used a different Rebecca Lily Preset from Proset IV.








Black & White Challenge, Day 1

I was nominated for this challenge by Peter Bowers, a talented fine art photographer who creates sublime art; his subjects often are landscapes in his home province of Ontario. 

This exercise is going to be a creative and technical challenge for me as I usually think, see, compose, and process in colour. I am digging deep, reading and learning, and making surprising and satisfying discoveries as I review and critically evaluate my Lightroom catalogue of more than 5000 images (99% in colour) to select which images might tell a more interesting story in monochrome.

Here is my first submission:

Angel of Grief, photographed on the 18th of January 2014 in the Chilliwack Cemeteries