Civic Dietetics

Cool Globes

Two of the Cool Globes on display at Vancouver's Science World this past spring

Last month while doing a search on "environmental nutrition", I stumbled across the new-to-me concept of "civic dietetics":

Making food system issues integral to dietetic practice represents a transition for the professional, calling for new applications of skills and expertise. Drawing from the work of Thomas Lyson on civic agriculture, we propose civic dietetics to mean the application of dietetics to enhance public health by addressing food system structures, impacts, and policies and their relationship to food choices....

It can be argued that the economic, ecological, and social sustainability—the “triple bottom line”—of the food system, matters as much as the nutritional value of its products. Civic dietetics provides such a framework. [bolding added]

Source: Beyond Eating Right: The Emergence of Civic Dietetics to Foster Health and Sustainability Through Food System Change  by JL Wilkins, J Lapp,  A Tagtow & S Roberts in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2010.

Here are some other results from my recent Google search on "civic dietetics":

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116/120This "cool globe", one of my favourites at the Science World display is called "cool careers". Made me think: perhaps "Civic Dietitian" is a new, evolving and essential role, if not career, for our times.