Organic Food: An Information Sampler

In case you're curious about the project I devoted so much of my life to in April, I decided to upload and share it here, though I know a blog is not the ideal delivery method for a talk with Powerpoint slides. To compensate a bit, I've included my speaker's notes, rough as they are. To read them, put your mouse on the yellow icon at the top left of each slide. Unfortunately, the web links don't work in this PDF version so you will have to cut and paste the URLs into your browser.

Working on this project was a labour of .... well, not quite love, though I did enjoy the reading and writing about the topic. Almost as much as gardening. I did not, however, enjoy compressing everything I learned and considered "need-to-know" into a 15 minute talk. That was hard. In fact, impossible. So I gave the audience extra material for self-directed discovery and learning. Hence, the extensive References & Resources handout I shared in the previous post.

I'm excited about the opportunities and challenges and am motivated to keep learning more on how I, as dietitian, gardener, and community member, can contribute to a sustainable, organic food system.  How about you? What challenges and opportunities do you embrace as your own?

Organic produce in a greenPot

Click on the following link to download the PDF document:

Organic Food: An Information Sampler (PDF).