Organic Food: An Information Sampler

 Organic Sampler

Dear Faithful Readers:

Thanks for returning to Greens & Berries after my month-long blogging break. I tend to underestimate the time a project will need and overestimate the "free time" I think I'll have to complete it. I also haven't developed the skill or mind-set of being able to work on more than one "big thing" at a time.

And a month of gathering resources on organic agriculture, skimming all of them, reading quite a few in depth and then preparing material for a brief presentation, I'm completely out of thoughts & words. At least that's how I feel today.

But beginning next week, I plan to share excerpts from the presentation, Organic Food: An Information Sampler. For now, I thought you might be interested in the references & resources I've discovered. I've compiled them into a PDF document with Web links you can download.

Organic Food: An Information Sampler
Selected References & Resources (PDF)

In the comments, please feel free to supplement the Canadian content with details on organizations and regulations in your part of the world.