Food is heaven

Found in a favourite recipe book this quiet Sunday morning while doing research and writing on community eating:

As you can not go to heaven alone,
Food is to be shared.
Food is heaven.
As you share the sight of heavenly stars,
So food is something which must be shared,
Food is heaven.
When food passes your throat,
You accent heaven in your body.
Food is heaven.
Ah! Food is something that must be shared.

- KIM CHI HA, Korean poet

This poem is part of the "Declaration of Conscience" ...[the poet]... wrote while in prision. He was detained on charges of subversion, for raising issues of justice in the minds of his fellow citizens. He was placed in solitary confinement for smuggling his "Declaration" out of prison.
(Extending the Table, A World Community Cookbook, pages 214, 252.)