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I'm torn between micro-blogging on Twitter & "long form" blogging on Greens & Berries. (If you aren't familiar with Twitter, you may want to read this overview.)  Because each Twitter message or "tweet" consists of no more than 140 characters (spaces included), I'm forced to be highly selective and concise about what I share. I'm still experimenting but I think, used wisely, Twitter can be an efficient, interactive learning and communication tool that spreads the wealth of knowledge far and wide.

Here are several links I shared via Twitter during the past few days:

  • A Low-Fat Vegan Diet Elicits Greater Macronutrient Changes, but Is Comparable in Adherence and Acceptability, Compared with a More Conventional Diabetes Diet among Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. Here are links to the study's abstract and a dietitian's commentary in the Globe & Mail.
  • Gramene Species. If doing research on grasses or just simply curious about cereal grains, this site, which goes beyond genomics, is worth checking out.

I've also discovered food and nutrition resources through other Twitter users' updates -- but I'll leave these for another day. You see, I've had to set an Internet curfew. (Many thanks to Sophie who pointed out the blog post that will help me do this.)

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