Nutrition & Bone Health: How to build & maintain healthy bones on a plant-based diet

If you haven't already read (or at least skimmed the abstracts) listed in the the previous post, you may want to do so to get the full story -- i.e., bones are made of more than calcium and vitamin D.

Vegan Guidelines (developed by vegan dietitians):

Calcium in the Vegan Diet

FAQs About Vitamin D

Vegan Foods are Good for Bone Health

Meeting Calcium Needs:Tips for Vegans

Bones, Vitamin D, and Calcium

Vegetarian Guidelines (include dairy sources):

Building Bones That Last - Even though more than 5 years old, I've included this resource by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis because it contains a table of the calcium content of many different plant foods as well as the percentage of calcium absorbed from each source.

Bone Health for Women - An "all-in-one" web site with pages on Food, Exercise, Supplements, and Tips & Recipes.

Parsley, cottage cheese & yogurt dip

Food Sources of Calcium and Vitamin D - A helpful reference that includes an easy-to-read table of nutrient values for common and not-so-common (e.g., daylily flower, sea cucumber) plant sources of calcium.  Not strictly a vegetarian resource, though, as it includes fish.

Note: The D*action consortium recommends higher Vitamin D supplementation levels than stated in these resources.

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top - Kale Almond Pesto by elana's pantry; bottom - Parsley, cottage cheese & yogurt dip (recipe here)

I've included it here, however, as it has an extensive range of Asian sources plant sources, including