Podcast Tuesday

Today, in yet another attempt to post more regularly and inspired by one of my favourite weekly features (Type Tuesday) on this elegant blog,  I'm starting a new Greens & Berries series: 

Podcast Tuesday



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This week's recommended podcast:  an interview with writer Michael Pollan on CBC Radio's Diet for a Hungry Planet - Focus on Food.

Diet for a Hungry Planet is a program that takes classic story ingredients from The Current and cooks up a fresh new view of how our world eats. Our host is Anna Maria Tremonti.

Today's show

Author Michael Pollan serves up a buffet of food wrongs as he walks us down the supermarket aisles. For him, knowing what to eat comes down to some fundamental rules. Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. Why that's not as easy as it sounds. Today, on Diet for a Hungry Planet.

Listen to this episode here.
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