More on dysphagia: a book, a blog and a "movie"

One dysphagia link leads to another:

TheDysphagiaCookbook.jpg1) The Dysphagia Cookbook -- Although I'm not sure when Dr. Elayne Achilles' web site was last updated (it's copyright 2004) it's well worth checking out her cookbook informationsample recipes,  and helpful dysphagia linksUpdate, 02 Februrary, 2012: Unfortunately, the web site is no longer maintained. The Cookbook, however, is still available for purchase from online booksellers.

One of the recommended links is:

2) The Dysphagia Resource Centre blog (last updated March 2008).  I haven't finished exploring the entire site yet, but my favourite find so far is this next resource that I will be sharing with my colleagues as well as every dietetic intern who has a placement with me:

3) Swallowing: An Animated Sequence -- interactive animation and a detailed explanation of a normal swallow.  Please forward this one to your colleagues and students, too!