fraservalley.jpg A view of farm fields and mountains in the Eastern Fraser Valley


Living in Place

" Living in place is consciously trying to satisfy your needs and find your pleasures in your local bioregion and working to assure the long-term health of the bioregion"
(source: Discovering a Sense of Place)

Last week in my Web wanderings I discovered the above definition that I thought worth saving and sharing.  I first encountered the concept living in place a few years ago, although I can't quite remember where. Perhaps in this magazine.  No matter the original source, the phrase has stayed in my consciousness, although I confess I  have not practiced it consistently. But my growing concerns about climate change and resource depletion and a desire to help solve rather than add to the crises compel me to question every potential consumption choice.  Do I really need this product or service? And if the answer is yes, where, how and by whom is it made or provided?

Living is a growing collection of links and discussions that helps Canadians reduce their carbon footprints by purchasing local goods and services. You can help build the Living Local community by submitting resources and joining the discussions.  Here are sample contributions:

- from Saskatchewan:

"A culinary journey dedicated to fresh local food from the province of Saskatchewan."
Recipes, humour and links to local Saskatchewan producers... a good read.

- from the Yukon: 

"Aurora Mountain Farm is a small farm in the Yukon. The Rudge family (Tom, Simone, Claire and Graham) grow certified organic vegetables, grain for baking and cereal, and feed for the cashmere goats, Belgian horses and laying hens."

So I'm encouraging all my blog readers  in Canada, but especially fellow dietitians and dietetic students and interns, to contribute to the Living Local Forum.   Share your knowledge of local food resources and activities that support eating closer to home.