CBC Radio's Series: Diet for a Hungry Planet

 corn.jpg  ricefield.jpg  wheat.jpg Image credit (left to right): Fresh Corn, Ricefields Bali, Your Daily Bread. You can click on the images to view larger sizes of these excellent photos. 

Diet for a Hungry Planet:  How Our World Eats is a new series I discovered last night while browsing the CBC Web site. 

Diet for a Hungry Planet - Focus on Food

Diet for a Hungry Planet is a program that takes classic story ingredients from The Current and cooks up a fresh new view of how our world eats. Our host is Anna Maria Tremonti.

Episode 1: Few Staples

From food sold for fuel, to food prices fueling a food crisis. Be it corn or wheat or rice, too few staples cause too much concern over who gets to eat, what gets eaten, and how much it should cost. How cash crops have us going for broke, today, on Diet for a Hungry Planet.

Here's the link to the podcast of the fascinating first episode.  It includes discussions  and divergent perspectives from farmers, industry representatives, academics and food industry critics, including Marion Nestle.  Well worth listening to. 

Episode 2, scheduled for next week,  features Michael Pollan, author of  In Defence of Food.