Notes to self


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Note to readers: This post likely will be of interest only to dietitians, dietetic interns, and dietetics students but as always, everyone is welcome to read it.  

Today I'm sharing a simple tool for coping with some of my workday complexity:  a template for recording patient information and workload measurement data.  Even though I read and/or print several computer lists and reports every morning (e.g., patients listed by unit, patients' diet orders, lab reports) as well as write nutrition notes in the medical record, I need a supplementary, quick-to-use system to keep me on track and on time. I also need a concise summary of patients' statuses and care plans for colleagues who may be taking on my patient assignment if I'm away.

So this afternoon I "tweaked" the latest version for tube feeding patients. (I have a slightly different form for dysphagic patients who are eating.)  While scrutinizing the form just before publishing this post, I thought of another helpful feature: a section to list time-sensitive tasks or activities such as meetings or project deadlines. Then,  after reviewing my calendar in the morning,  I wouldn't need to refer to it again that day,  except to record new entries.

Feel free to copy and adapt any parts of the worksheet that might help you cope with information volume and complexity,  competing demands on your time and attention,  detours and distractions.  This tool may not  come close to meeting your needs. But I also have another reason for sharing it: to stimulate discussion and find out  your preferred method for "remembering the milk" and freeing up your mind for thinking? Do you prefer paper-based or computer-based systems and tools?

Link to Worksheet