What to Eat: Personal Responsibility versus Social Responsibility


Image credit: InsideLoeb by Sean Lavallée

Usually I don't recommend a resource until I've finished reading it -- or in this case, listening to it. But I think it's safe to make this exception:  What to Eat: Personal Responsibility versus Social Responsibility, the podcast of Marion Nestle's presentation at Stanford University on iTunes U.

Yesterday during my afterwork walk,  I listened to  Dr. Nestle discuss research on why people eat more, supermarket "rules" and marketing to children. Her talk entertained, informed and, I admit, dismayed me.  But I think my dismay will be turning into optimism.  I've saved the  last 25 minutes for this afternoon's listening pleasure.  The topic:  the social movements arising from current food issues, e.g.,  eating local, slow food, organic food, humane treatment of animals.

Here's how to find this podcast on iTunes U.

  • Go to the iTunes Store. 
  • Select iTunes U. 
  • Then select these links:  Stanford -> Health and Medicine ->  Healthy Living. This talk is #13.