From cupcakes to posters; asking for my readers' help


Image credit: Tips for designing scientific posters

My last post, over a week ago, was on cupcakes (part of the Friday Fun-with-Food series) but now that I'm back at work (first day, ouch) I'm returning to more serious topics. Today's subject: creating an experience-sharing poster for our upcoming Dietetics in Action education day.

Last year on my old blog I shared some of the excellent resources I found on making posters.  If you have to do a poster presentation, I recommend consulting them.  This morning, I'm reviewing the information -- why, oh why do I still have so much trouble with guideline #1: Start Early!

The working title of my poster is  Blogging as a tool for learning, communicating and translating knowledge into practice.

Here is where you can help. I would love some reader input. If you have a few minutes, could you think about this question and either comment or email a reply:
Is there a specific blog post (it can be from any credible blog on any subject) that demonstrates blogging is a valuable tool for learning, reflecting, connecting with others, and/or sharing and advancing knowledge?"  For example, the type of post that, after you read it, you thought "YES -- this is important, new-to-me information I can use in my practice."  It may be a quotation, essay, research article or other resource you bookmarked and/or forwarded to your colleagues, students or clients.
Thank you very much. I'd be thrilled to share others' ideas, resources and experiences on the poster rather than just my own opinions and words.
So I probably don't have to tell you things may be quiet around Greens & Berries for a few more days. Last week I used the excuse of vacation; this coming week I will -- I must -- be hard at work on my poster .