....and we have a winner....

...of the Nutrition Month contest, Heidi of New Brunswick.

Here are Heidi's answers, which I'm reproducing because they're so well done. A copy of Dietitians of Canada's Cook Great Food will be in the mail this weekend to you, Heidi, and thank you for entering the contest.

1. (d) Run fast, cook slow, eat light was not a nutrition month slogan - but its not a bad idea for most days!
2. Jessica's favorite cookbook was Cook Great Food and her healthy comfort food is lentils!
3. I loved the idea that Rachelle's friend Helene described: "Helene once explained to me how she believed food was holy. Her thought was that food should be treated with honor because it becomes the building blocks of our bodies, and our bodies are holy. For Helene, this translates into presenting
food nicely, avoiding foods empty of nutritional value, and not letting food go to waste." Very simple, but an appreciative way of looking at food I think.  I also liked her idea of homemade vegetable broth - great tip!
4. Vincci  - Michael Pollan famously advocates Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. I think Vincci is saying something very similar - basically thinking of food as food - not just nutrients. Also realizing that the non-nutrient aspect of food is  just as important and an essential part of our lives.
5. (d) vitamin tonics
6. The organization for Bike the Blossoms is Slow Food Vancouver.
7. It is International Year of the Potato! Yay! I love potatoes, red, blue, sweet, and of course, being from the Maritimes - PEI and NB potatoes!! One new thing I have learned is that they have the highest protein content in the family of root and tuber crops (and the protein is of fairly
high quality!).

I have three more copies (!) so you can expect more contests in the weeks to come. Yes, this is a very good book. My mom, a discriminating cookbook connoisseur, grabbed the 4th copy when she spied it on my dining room table. As soon as she saw some classic recipes from her  Manitoba cooking roots, she knew it was a winner.