Nutrition Month Contest Questions

Addendum -- If you'd rather not leave your answers in the comments you can email me directly. My address is on the About page. 

Given the time I am publishing this post, I should probably say it's not an April Fool joke, but I do hope you have fun answering the questions. Contest deadline is midnight (2400 hrs PDT) April 2nd. Complete rules and prize list here.

  1. Which one of the following statements was not part of the official Nutrition Month Top 10 List?
    (a) Colour your world with vegetables and fruit
    (b) Make mealtime  a family affair
    (c) Healthy eating is more than a flash in the pan
    (d) Run fast, cook slow, eat light
    (f) Give your food portions a makeover
  2. Name Jessica's favourite cookbook and her healthy comfort food.
  3. Share your favourite bit of warmth, wit or wisdom from the interview with Rachelle. (You can either quote or paraphrase.)
  4. Vincci has an eating habit that Michael Pollan advocates. Describe it in five words or less. (Hint: you may have to visit her blog to find out but the clue to which post is in the interview.)
  5. The Health Maxims of the 19th Century included specific (and timeless) recommendations on all of the following except:
    (a) what and how to eat
    (b) exercise
    (c) air quality
    (d) vitamin tonics
    (e) hygiene
  6. I wrote a gardening post (on The Edible Balcony Garden) during Nutrition Month in which I mentioned an organization sponsoring an event called Bike the Blossoms. Name the organization.
  7. And the bonus question, about another food-event, but one lasting the entire year:
    This is the International Year of  the {_________}.  Name the food and state one new-to-you fact about it.