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Image credit: the way of learning

Recently I listened to lectures at Stanford and Yale Universities without leaving my home city of Vancouver. And without paying any tuition fees. The post's title hints at how I did this. Yes, I "attended" these prestigious universities via iTunes U.

I also was able to successfully multi-task by combining listening and learning with dog-walking. (Please note that with an energetic, curious Westie, walking is never mindless, but because our routes are so familiar, I can add at least one other activity.)  One evening I listened to three Rudd Center podcasts on food policy and obesity; the next night my brain had a more strenuous work-out while I listened to the audio track of this Stanford School of Medicine medcast on Vitamin D.  (I plan to follow-up by watching the video at home, though, because I could not picture  the biochemical paths in my mind.)

Here's how and where you can find these and other nutrition courses at iTunes U:

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes if you don't already have it on your computer.
  2. Go to the iTunes store, click on iTunes U.
  3. Under the Universities heading, click on Stanford.
  4. Under Categories, click on Health and Medicine.
  5. Under Featured Contributors, click on Medcast.
  6. Download any or all of the featured nutrition courses:
    • The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?) 
    • Vitamin D: It's Not Just For Bones Anymore (Video)
  7. Go back to the iTunes U home page.
  8. Under the Universities heading, click on Yale.
  9. Click on Yale Health & Medicine.
  10. Click on the Nutrition and Obesity tab to download any or all of the Rudd Reports:
    • Suing the Fast Food Industry for Health Problems  
    • Banning Trans Fats in Restaurants  
    • The Numbers Behind the Obesity Epidemic 
    • Law, Nutrition & Obesity   
    • How Overweight People are Portrayed in the Media 
    • Nutrition and Food Experts Brownell and Nestle     
    • Obese Patients Commonly Experience Weight Bias in Medical Settings        
    • The Case Against Eating by the Numbers      
    • Portion Sizes Fueling Obesity Epidemic    
    • Hidden Opportunities for Junk Food Eating in Schools 
    • Children and the Influence of Television Advertising on their Food Choices       
    • BMI, Fitness, and Academic Achievement in Children      
    • The World's Diet: What's Become of it and What Might be done to Improve it         
    • How News is Made       
    • Metabolic Hormones Affect the Brain     
    • Obesity and Global Environment Sustainability       
    • The Intersection of Eating Disorders and Obesity          
    • Food Marketing to Children      
    • New Projects at the Food Trust        

And you don't need an iPod or other portable media player to play these podcasts. You can listen to and view them right on your computer.