Nutrition Month Advice (?) from the 19th Century


Image credit: Health Maxims
from the Universal Health Instructor, published in 1884

"Diet. This should be plain and wholesome, and of a mixed character. It should also be moderate as to quantity, and regular, allowing neither too long nor too short intervals between meals."

Some health maxims [today we would probably call them Nutrition Month tips]:

  1. The almost universal cause of dyspepsia is eating too fast, too often and too much.
  2. Sameness of food is a great drawback to health, for nature craves a variety of elements.
  3. Never eat when you are not hungry, nor drink when you are not thirsty; it imposes on nature.
  4.  The three great elementary principles of every healthy community as well as of individuals are pure air, perfect cleanliness and well-cooked food.
  5. Eat regularly...Spend one or two hours in cheery outdoor activities.
  6. By using water in abundance to keep clean, taking exercise in moderation to keep the blood pure, and having a regular diet to sustain and strengthen, a man may maintain good health to the utmost limit of fourscore.
  7. In recovering from any moderately and at regular intervals, of plain, nourishing food.