Heath & medicine resources for answering background questions


Aisle of bookshelves in the CDC’s Information Center (photo ID #7940)

As clinicians striving to provide "best practice" in nutritional care, we need to consult up-to-date medical resources for background information. 

When you have questions about normal human anatomy and physiology, or pathophysiology, terminology, prognosis or management options, where on the Web do you go?   Do you "Google" everything or do you refer to specific online medical resources?   Many Canadian (and perhaps some International) dietitians use PEN (Practice Based Evidence in Nutrition) but for topics that do not have comprehensive PEN content yet, what complementary and supplementary resources do you use? 

This week I have a Dietetics student with me and thought I should get ready by compiling online resources I've recently discovered.  I've used all of them at least once and feel comfortable recommending them as "worth checking out."

  1. Comprehensive professional reference: MD Consult.  (I have free access through my workplace, but  a free 30-day trial is available to all.) I've talked about this site before but recently I discovered a new, time-saving feature: Recommended Results for Common Medical Conditions.
  2. GI Conditions
    The Sensitive Gut (a Harvard Health Report)

References 2-4 are part of  MerckSource; 3 & 4 are written for consumers, but also are useful for health care professionals and students seeking quick and simple explanations.

This week I will add more resources to this blog as my student and I find, apply and evaluate them.