Dietitians read...

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Yesterday I received reading recommendations from two discerning sources:  CBC Radio  and Planet Green.  One book is about hockey, one is about food. As a Canadian dietitian I suppose I am obligated to read both, but there is no contest as to which I will read first.

The convergence of the Canada Reads competition, Michael Pollan's latest bestseller and Nutrition Month got my mental wheels turning this Saturday morning and made me wonder:

As dietitians, foodies, and/or advocates for green living (can I use the term "greenie" for this ?) what book(s) about healthy, enjoyable eating would you recommend  to your colleagues, friends and family?

Would it be Michael Pollan's eater's manifesto or Marion Nestle's indispensible guide to food shopping and eating? Or perhaps a classic cookbook , a memoir  or a culinary travel tale? Maybe you would also include a story for the young and the young-at-heart? I'd love to read your recommendations in the comments.

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