Tidying up the virtual toolbox and desk drawer


Image credit: Toolbox

I often think of this blog's Resources page as my basic toolbox. I've spent the past couple of hours cleaning it, fixing broken parts, rearranging the contents in separate compartments, and adding a few, new, handy-dandy items, like food composition tables and links to specific Dietitians of Canada pages.

If the Resources page is a toolbox that I rummage through several times daily, then the Links page is a desk drawer where I store my address book and business cards.  I may not not open it  more than a few times a week, but it contains valuable contact information that I want close at hand.   So this afternoon I also decluttered the Links page to limit it to web sites' home pages.

I hope these analogies will help you understand how I've organized these two pages so you can easily and quickly find what you're looking for. There may be a bit of overlap but if something is really valuable, it can't hurt to put it in both places.

All done as part of pre-Spring, pre-Nutrition Month cleaning.  And because I'm more than a bit obsessive-compulsive about organization.