Ideas bumping around in my head


Photo credit: A woman thinking.


Time for a brain dump.

I've been quiet/blog-lite/MIA for the first couple of week s  this month. My usual excuses apply: busy with work...busy with home chores...not as well organized about my time as I'd like to be...tired....eye-and-back-strain from too much computer work...reading other bloggers' good words and wondering what, if anything, I can add.  But  I'm hoping this will change after next week when I will have more  of the 4 ingredients I need to write: "free" time, mental space, physical energy and daylight hours.   Here are some of the things I've planned for Nutrition Month (of course you know it's March) and maybe even a bit before:

- Interviews with other bloggers
- Book reviews
- Stories and lessons learned from daily practice
- Links to and descriptions of nutrition podcasts and online courses
- Additions and updates to the Resources and Links pages
- Reader's requests: I'll be asking you what you'd like to see on Greens & Berries? Would you prefer regular features or "in-the-moment" posts based on my work and learning experiences?