How a postage stamp got me thinking about mental health and nutrition

The digitally-enhanced photograph on the stamp features a figure stepping out of the shadows, using a mega-phone to broadcast the plight of mental health patients. Alain Leduc, Manager of Stamp Design and Production at Canada Post, explains, "This figure represents all those affected, both directly and indirectly, by mental illness. By bringing this pervasive issue out of the shadows and into the open where it can best be served, it really speaks to the objectives of the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health."

(Source: Collecting on the Canada Post Website)
While I was buying stamps at the post office a couple of days ago, I saw this October issue in the display case. The dramatic image made such a strong impression on me I wanted to learn more about it. Who is the artist? Why was it commissioned?

On the Canada Post Website I discovered Canada Post has created an independent organization, the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. Also, I found out  -- better late than never I suppose -- October 5th through 11th was Mental Health Awareness Week.

You may have noticed the date gap between this and the previous post. One of the reasons was I used the past 4 weeks to nurture my own mental health. I spent much of my vacation being a person of few words, long walks and many photographs. But now I'm back to the routine of work at the hospital and home and this includes sharing thoughts, experiences and resources about dietetic practice.

I'm going to resume blogging by using this stamp as inspiration and look at the role of food and nutrition in restoring and maintaining mental health.

Here is the first resource, recently published in an online nutrition journal. It has an extensive list of resources and I believe is well worth reading.

I will publish posts with more resources as soon as I have read them.