"La dolce vita, senza glutine"*

*This post's title comes from Gluten-Free Girl's About page where the writer describes her joyful website. Thank you,  Shauna James Ahern.  I wonder if you know how many people you touch with your words, recipes and warmth.

Glutenfree.jpgImage: Buchteln by clada74 (part of the photographer's gluten-free series)

This morning's nutrition challenge was different from the usual tube feeding and dysphagia assessments: an inpatient with several food intolerances and possible Celiac Disease.  I say "possible"  because it was "diagnosed" by blood screen only, and not followed by a biopsy. Over the years, the patient has seen physicians, an allergist, a naturopath and numerous dietitians. From the way she told her story, I got the feeling she's more than a bit skeptical about whether medical professionals can help.  And she's simply tired of the whole process.  So I thought it wise not to push the need for a definitive diagnosis, although I may need to talk to her about this later.

OK, I thought in the moment, let's work with what we know for sure.  She's unhappy about eating. Gloomy, bored and discouraged. What's the therapy for this?  Gluten-Free Girl,  of course, a sure cure for the I'm-so-sick-of-my-diet--I-can't-eat-anything-that-tastes-good blues.  I provided a few sample recipes, and suggested to Ms. X she check out the website when she goes home. As we ended our session, Ms. X's daughter arrived with a care package for her Mom, containing a new-to-me variety of rice bread. How lovely:  symbiotic learning.

I also thought I would use this morning's interaction as an opportunity to begin updating my Celiac Disease resources and share them here and on the Resources page.  Here's the start:

Canadian Celiac Association (home page)
Review article (2007) on Celiac Disease (downloadable PDF document)
Background information
Gluten-Free Diet
Revised CCA Position Statement on Oats
Health Canada Statement on Oats