Thursday Round-up

For the past few weeks I've been mulling over doing two things on this blog.

1. Sharing, with minimal commentary, what's caught my attention on other blogs.
2. Posting a regular weekly feature.

Today I'm going to combine the two and post the first installment of the Thursday Round-up.

Here are the blog posts and web resources that I've saved for re-reading and future reference because they are Inspirational, Controversial, Progressive, Creative, Provocative and/or otherwise Important-for-Dietitians-to-Know (in my humble opinion).

Edible Communities (noted on You Grow Girl)

Plant Therapy: Miracle Fruit -- Redecorate your tastebuds

We Be Jammin' (excellent advice from the 100 Mile Diet Blog on safely preserving the garden's bounty)

Critical Topics in Food (a series of panel discussions at the Fales Library at NYU; as noted on Marion Nestle's blog)

Marion Nestle's Scientfic American article Eating Made Simple and accompanying podcast

Adolescent Appetites 

School Children Grow and Cook Their Own, Healthier Lunches

....and for hardy souls who like a spirited, well-argued debate: three core questions about Vegetarianism and Environmentalism (a post on the environmental news blog, Grist, including 134 (!) comments, ranging from  rational to emotional, on both sides of the issues)

....and just because it's such a cool tool: the Mr. Bento Lunch Jar