Critical Care Nutrition

Until earlier today, I didn't know about this valuable site -- it's Canadian, too -- for critical care dietitians and physicians. I discovered Critical Care Nutrition (CCN) by responding to a request to complete a survey.  I don't have a good excuse for my ignorance other than, from habit, I've always turned to A.S.P.E.N., and more recently, ESPEN for nutrition support practice guidelines.

Now that I've found CCN, I'll be adding the link to my Connotea library and sharing it here, with a brief introduction and description to guide your exploration of this site.

CCN's team consists of physicians and dietitians "dedicated to the improvement in nutrition therapies in intensive care units across the world." The site's resources include downloadable, adaptable:

Another feature is a discussion forum, although its activity seems to be quite low at present.

CCN definitely is a site worth exploring if you are a dietitian looking after critically-ill patients.