What to expect in November on Greens & Berries

1508679-1130431-thumbnail.jpgIf you visited Greens & Berries in September or October, today you may have noticed the site has a new theme and header photo. I'm experimenting with font, colour and layout to find the most readable, attractive format, and also keep frequent readers (and myself) from getting bored.* I love food photography and am thrilled so many talented photographers allow their work to be used under Creative Commons licenses. This month for the main page I've selected a photo of my favourite November comfort food: soup. Not only did I find an outstanding image, but also discovered this blog for vegans, this delicious recipe, and an interesting, new-to-me food: cranberry beans

When it comes to reading (and blogging), I'm impatient and just want to get on with it, but I know I benefit from goals and plans to keep me on track. In yesterday's post, Leo at Zen Habits recommended Haiku Productivity: to achieve completion, limit yourself to three projects. I don't feel overwhelmed by this number. So for November, I'm going to focus my literature-searching, reading and blog-writing on:

  1. Highlights, summaries, recommendations and resources from Keeping Current 2007.
  2. References and resources that support the recommendations from the "diet and cancer report."
  3. My inventory of neurosurgical nutrition resources. (I've been focusing on stroke during the past several months).

I have the same goal for each project: to translate knowledge into practice; e.g., make recommendations--perhaps develop protocols-- on using probiotics in enterally fed patients; answer questions about "what to eat to be healthy", and evaluate and where needed, revise our unit's enteral feeding protocols to mimize the risk of aspiration.

I do very much like this Haiku Productivity approach. Be sure to check out the entire post for details on implementing it.

*And don't worry about getting lost. Even though I may change the "packaging" seasonally or monthly, the content and navigation will remain the same.