Catching up, part 1

The big project is finished. Hurrah!

I'm on vacation. Double hurrah!!

I awoke super early this morning. To the sound of rain beating against the window. Washing away my plans to prep the community plot for warm weather crops. {Sigh}

The sun tried really hard today, I could tell. But it couldn't break through the clouds.

So I stayed dry on my covered balcony, rearranged the pots (it's a jungle out there), and planned where to place the tomatoes, peppers, beets, carrots and beans in the 12 empty squares in my community garden plot.

And rather than mope any more about the weather, I'll consider it a reason to pay more attention to this blog, and finish one of three catch-up posts.


A few balcony garden highlights from mid-April through late May


Earth Dog on Earth Day (April 22nd)


Lewisia cotyledon forma alba, late April


Viola 'Lemon Royale' has been blooming since mid-March.



The purple bracts of Lavandula stoechas 'Anouk' stretch toward blue sky and sunshine in mid-May.