Not quite Provence, but close

Instead of booking a holiday in Provence, to get my daily dose of  lavender I just need to walk 5 minutes from my door to view, touch & inhale the mounds on City Hall's north lawn...



....and at the community garden's main entrance...

Purple in the evening

Ask me to name my favourite vegetable, tree, or garden writer, and I'll beg you to allow me at least three picks for each & several minutes of deliberation. But when it comes to my favourite herb & scent, I can quickly and easily pick one:


Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'

This morning for a couple of hours I lost myself in Lavandula while I searched for informative & enchanting links to share. Here's a short reading/viewing list to get you started:

Lavender: The Grower's Guide by Virginia McNaughton -- added to my "to read" list this morning

The Genus Lavandula by Tim Upson and Susyn Andrews -- also added to the growing "to read" list

Mountain Valley Growers' Lavender pages: Lavender (descriptions of 24 varieties), Lavender 1.2.3 (care and tips)

And for your viewing pleasure, I recommend searching Google images for "lavender and Provence".

Now I'm off to the community garden for a compost workshop and group work party. Naturally, I'll volunteer to weed the bed with lavender.

I'd love to hear about your thoughts about this aromatic herb. Do you have a favourite cultivar? Do you grow the plant, and if so, from seeds or cuttings or both? Please share your stories and tips in the comments.