Seed-sowing Saturday


Finished compost from the 2010 balcony garden's green & brown trimmings

I'll use this compost to enrich the soil for the seeds sown directly outdoors.

I heart Cubit's & Hazel ;-)

Mail-order seeds from Cubit's

"black gold" for 'Red Velvet'

"Black Gold" for 'Red Velvet'

Here's my sowing list for this weekend:

Direct sow outdoors in containers:

Peas - 'Little Marvel' (w)
- 'Plum Purple' (c), 'Pink Punch'(r), 'Easter Egg II' (r)
Kale - 'Lacinato' (w)
(I'll save the 'Red Velvet' lettuce in the photo for early April)

Sow indoors under grow-lights:

Eggplant -'Rosa Bianca' (c)
Pepper - 'Alma Paprika' (c)
Tomatoes - 'Chianti Rose' (r), 'Gold Nugget' Yellow Cherry (c), 'Red Robin' (m), 'Silvery Fir Tree' (p), 'Sophie's Choice' (p)

I use sterile seedling mix for all seeds sown indoors.

(Note: Abbreviations indicate sources of seeds – (c) Cubit's, (m) Meighan, (p) Populuxe Seed Bank, (r) Renee's Garden, (w) West Coast Seeds)

Well, I better get started before I get distracted (again) by faint sunshine & succumb to the lure of a nearby 'Whitcomb' cherry blossom tree -- yesterday the pink buds looked close to popping open.

What are your gardening activities for this first weekend in March?