Homage to the Seed


Assorted seeds (beans, herbs, flowers, vegetables, cardamom pods). Many years ago, the turned wood bowl & box lids that contain them also were just three tiny seeds.


As soon as I read Lucy's post, I knew I wanted to contribute to "postcards from the blogosphere". In fact, I immediately tweeted:

How long for a postcard to reach AU from CAN? I'd love to take part in this great project, Homage to the Seed http://is.gd/dlW8u     via web

Even before @hogletk replied "roughly a fortnight", I realized anything sent by post would never reach sophie munns, artist-in-residence at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, before the show's final day, July 18th. So I reluctantly tucked the "wouldn't it have been nice but it's too late now" thought into the back corner of my mind & proceeded with sundry house and garden chores. The next morning, while again cycling through dishes/laundry/tidying and thinking about possible subjects for the 365 in 2010 photo project, I had an "A-ha" moment. Actually, the idea was more obvious than brilliant. Of course: during the coming week I'd photograph seeds. And the first one was literally in front of my nose: a Banksia seed pod vase on the living room side table I was dusting.

So on a very hot Saturday afternoon, I began taking photos -- which actually distracted me from the 30 degree plus (Celsius) heat.  By Monday I'd summoned up my courage (remember, I'm a gardener, not an artist) to share my idea with Sophie. She liked it. And I was more than thrilled.

Here are some excerpts from my "homage to the seed", which is evolving into a long-term work-in-progress:

187/365: Banksia seed pod vase

Turned wooden vase, made from black walnut & a Banksia seed pod -- Canadian art from Australian flora.



Poppy (Papaver somniferum) seed pod. "The seeds are used, whole or ground, as an ingredient in many foods, and they are pressed to yield poppyseed oil" (from the Wikipedia entry on Poppy Seed)



Beautiful beans, almost too pretty to bury in the soil -- remainders from the past two gardening seasons.



Assorted herb, vegetable & edible flower seeds -- ingredients for a seed bomb.



From my spice cupboard: Star anise (Lillicium verum) seed pods & seeds.



Maple (Acer) samara still attached to the parent tree but soon to be released and dispersed by wind.


Maple samara

Mini-helicopters: study a maple seed and learn about aerodynamics.


Usually at this time of year I'd be viewing flowers on my evening walks but this week I'm seeking out the seeds & seed pods:

200/365 201/365

Fascinating. Biodiverse. Resilient. But also needing protection. The beginning of nature's endless cycle.

The precious seed.