Sunday morning on the balcony

 Squeezed in between the pots...


...we spent half the morning doing mundane gardening tasks: watering, tying tomatoes, squishing aphids, dead-heading spent blossoms, emptying the containers of bolted lettuce, sifting old soil and moving pots either to follow or avoid the sun, depending on the plants' preferences.

And we spent half the morning -- ok, more -- just observing:

Nasturtium, 'Cherries Jubilee'

Nasturtium, 'Cherries Jubilee'

Nasturtium, 'Cherries Jubilee'

Nasturtium, 'Cherries Jubilee'

Eggplant flower buds

Eggplant, 'Millionaire', flower buds

Teeny tiny cucumbers

Persian baby cucumbers, 'Green Fingers'

Cherry Tomatoes, 'Sungold', 'Sweetgold' or 'Supersweet'

Cherry Tomatoes, 'Sungold', 'Sweetgold' or 'Supersweet' (I lost the tag)

Cherry Tomatoes, 'Sungold', 'Sweetgold' or 'Supersweet' (I lost the marker!)

If only tomato leaves were edible.  I do love the scent they release when you brush them with your fingertips.

Before Piper & before my camera, I did not take time to observe -- it was just work, work, work, and no play.

How did you enjoy your garden  -- and I hope you did -- this weekend? How do you make sure you take a well-deserved break, even for just a few minutes, from the work that is never done. Like me, do you find it hard to ignore the messy bits -- the parts of your garden that never appear in photos?