22 Hours in A Country Garden

Subtract eight hours for restful sleep & you're left with 14 glorious hours to see, hear, touch, smell, taste & simply absorb all kinds of beauty & goodness.

IMG_4563 IMG_4677IMG_4526IMG_4617   IMG_4589 Calendula officinalis 'Flashback' - yellow Calendula officinalis 'Flashback' - apricot

Images (top to bottom):
1. View north from the balcony: neighbouring farm, mountains, sky -- heaven.
2. The tenant in the balcony birdhouse. 
3. A butterfly thermometer -- earlier in the day the dial was past 90 (degrees F). 
4. Antique 'Cupani's Original' Sweet Peas.  5. First harvest of sugar snap peas.
6. Yellow 'Flashback' Calendula. 7. Apricot 'Flashback' Calendula.

It's now midweek, I'm back at work, & already planning the next visit to my favourite bed & breakfast, which I'm determined to stretch to at least 44 hours  -- there's a long weekend coming up soon.

Do you have a country garden or do you visit one regularly? Please share your stories & links to images in the comments.