Balcony garden progress report

Growing and/or blooming this past week:

Tulip 'Mount Tacoma'_3113_2

The tulips have peaked and are waning but white Lewisia (seen in background) is still blooming strongly with many buds yet to open.

Lettuce, Mesclun, 'Monet's Garden Mesclun'_3137

Lettuce is getting lush. I nibble on a few leaves every time I water it.

'Garden Candy' Cherry Tomatoes_3132

'Sungold', 'Sweetgold' and 'Supersweet' cherry tomatoes have been soaking up the sun.

Garden Westie_3105

And Piper has been keeping watch over all.

So what's up in your garden? Please share surprises, successes, disappointments and/or lessons learned.  Like sharing a meal with family and friends, sowing and growing together is more fun than gardening alone.