What's up on the balcony? (Part 1)

Baby Leaf Lettuce, 'Heirloom Cutting Mix'_2809

My little garden & indoor seedlings have been keeping me busy all week so I haven't had time to write a formal Earth Day post or read many of the thoughtful ones that have been published so far this week. (I feel a bit embarrassed to confess this -- though I also believe we should live with the same earth-consciousness every day, not just on April 22nd).

Here's a record of what's up on the balcony. (The kale is growing steadily, too, but the true leaves are still too tiny for an in-focus photo with my camera.)

The dates show time of sowing/germination/photo. All information is from Renee's Garden seed packages & web site.


Broccoli Raab_2937

Broccoli Rabb, 'Super Rapini'
04 apr / 08 apr / 22 apr
"This robust & rich-tasting traditional Italian heirloom is a quick-growing cool season favourite. [It] produces an abundance of deep-green leaves & tender shoots topped with tiny bud clusters."



Greens - Renee's Stirfry Mix_2932

Greens, 'Renee's Stirfry Mix'
04 apr / 08 apr / 22 apr
A mix of Red Mustard, Mizapoona (a cross between Mizuna & Tatsoi), Pac Choi & Asian Red Kale. Baby leaves can be harvested for salads.



Radish, 'Petit Dejeuner' _2929

Radish, Breakfast, 'Petit Dejeuner'
04 apr / 09 apr / 22 apr
"These crunchy beauties are brilliantly bicolored with the upper two-thirds bright cherry-red & contrasting pure white tips."



Lettuce, Baby Mesclun, 'Cut and Come Again'_2806

Lettuce, Baby Mesclun, 'Cut and Come Again
02 apr / 07 apr / 21 apr






Lettuce, Mesclun, 'Monet's Garden Mesclun'_2773Lettuce, Mesclun, 'Monet's Garden Mesclun'
01 apr / 06 apr / 21 apr






Lettuce,  Baby Mesclun Salad, 'Paris Market Mix'_2771

Lettuce,  Baby Mesclun Salad, 'Paris Market Mix'
01 apr / 06 apr / 21 apr




Baby Leaf Lettuce, 'Heirloom Cutting Mix'_2820Lettuce, Baby Leaf, Heirloom Cutting Mix
02 apr / 07 apr / 21 apr