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I confess to a mild case of tulipomania this past weekend. 'Angelique' distracted me from mundane gardening tasks. On the other hand, I enjoyed deck-cleaning, "the container dance"*, watering & seedling-thinning more because every few minutes, I would reposition the tulip pot to take a few more photographs.

Tulip 'Angelique'_2711

Based on the many bulbs that froze during the winter, I estimate this one tulip cost me at least $10. Worth it, I think.

Tulip 'Angelique'_2728


Even though space is limited on my balcony, I'm going to allow myself one "luxury" each season. By luxury, I mean inedible flower. Well, "inedible" in the sense it doesn't nourish the body; however, one could argue that beauty feeds the eye and spirit.



What do you think? Should inedible ornamental plants be banned from the kitchen garden -- does it cease to be a sustainable, low-impact kitchen garden if they're consuming resources of soil & water and not producing food?

*The movement of pots from side to side and back to front so I have room to position a ladder to water the hanging baskets. Involves much bending, lifting, shuffling & stretching -- not necessarily done gracefully.

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