Sowing fall salad crops: Mesclun

Yesterday, after cleaning and tidying and before messing up and soiling, I took a photo of my potting bench where all the gardening action takes place.  It's rarely in this orderly, clean state.  Midway through a planting session the space gets too crowded with flora, fauna (Westie) and gardener and so everything spills over to the dining room on the other side of the patio doors. Let's just say clean-up takes a lot longer than the gardening itself.

This afternoon, I sowed mesclun following Renee's excellent tips:

And no spilled soil or water for a change. Taking photos for this blog has unexpected benefits, like helping me be tidier.

What fall crops have you sown in the past and/or what are you planning to sow for the upcoming season?  I'd love to know, particularly if you have a balcony garden. This is my first time sowing fall crops. And feel free to share photos of your work area and tips for working in small spaces.