IMG_0764.JPGGreen is my forever favourite colour, but lately I've been smitten by soft shades of pink and so I now find myself writing a post about a subject that although "in-season" is neither edible nor on my balcony: cherry blossom-watching.  

This Easter Monday I had "good intentions" to spend the day indoors, working on spring cleaning, garden planning (I'm w-a-a-a-y-y behind in this) and seed sowing, probably know where I'm going with this...mid-afternoon sunshine and a restless Westie nudged me outdoors. I didn't put up much resistance. And a short walk turned into more than two hours of viewing sights like this: 


and this: 

 Cherry Blossoms 2

 I'm looking forward to Bike the Blossoms with Slow Food Vancouver .   As I write this I realize I've just made an "edible" connection so perhaps I can publish this post without overstretching the blog's boundaries.