Mid-Winter Gardening Stars in my Google Reader


Image Credit: Tenderheart by Astrid Photography.


Phew. I just caught myself in time. I was about to call this post "January Round-up" but then recalled my strict policy against using this chemical and don't want to give it any unintentional endorsement.

My favourite gardening and green living web sites are starting to publish tips, finds and new ideas for the coming growing season and so before I lose track of them, I'm going to process all those posts I've  recently starred. Here's the first batch:

Composting -- Composting basics: compost without a yard
Containers -- Self-watering
Inspiration  -- Grow where you are planted, Plan a garden
Seed-starting -- Make your own pots (I've been saving toilet paper rolls for the past few months), Gayla's Downloadable Seed Starting Plan, Lazy Gardener's Chart, West Coast Seeds' new site.
Veggie-Crafts -- Knit your vegetables