Therapy for my apartment and balcony garden

IMG_0064.JPGPhoto of the inedible side of my September 2007 balcony garden

Even though I'm having trouble keeping up with all the blogs I regularly read, as part of my fall cleaning, decluttering and simplifying strategy this morning I added another subscription to my Google Reader: Apartment Therapy. I've read this blog occasionally before but I'm now going to commit to reading it regularly and trying some of the ideas.

If I can create a clean, simple, functional interior with stuff and systems that don't deplete my energy (as they are currently doing), I hope to have more time and space for gardening....and reading about gardening....and writing about gardening...and photographing my garden....and planning future gardens.

Today I am reading Apartment Therapy's gardening, PlantTherapy and Flower Box Awards archives.

I love this ingenious, award-winning doggie-proof planter. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about my Westie chewing or digging, although I recently learned to keep the bone-meal out of snout's reach as he wants to snuffle up the container's contents.