Nasturtium progress report

10 little nasturtiums

I sowed two varieties of nasturtium seeds on June 20th, 7 weeks ago. All the seeds germinated by day 10 and now after 49 days of coddling, these are the survivors and thrivers. Several plants succumbed to heat-stroke and a couple provided tasty munching for plump worm-like bugs that I hope were, in turn, food for the birds. I also harvested a few leaves to add a peppery flavour to salad.

Today I observed lot of leaves and a few buds. Flowering is supposed to begin within 10 weeks of sowing. When the first flowers appear, I will write up the results of this "experiment" in late season sowing and growing in small containers. I recall reading somewhere that nasturtiums like to put their roots deep and wide so I think they are probably too cramped. I may also have used soil that is a bit too rich -- it contains my mom's superb compost.

Here are the two dominant puppies in the litter:

The dominant puppies in the litter of nasturtiums