10 Commandments of Eco-Gardening

mec-green-roof.jpg Photo credit: MEC's Green Roof

Today, via Treehugger, always an abundant source of green advice, I discovered the Times Online's 10 Commandments for Eco-Gardeners. Here is the short form of the list:

1. Thou shalt conserve water.
2. Thou shalt put the right plant in the right place
3. Thou shalt not use peat.
4. Thou shalt recycle garden waste.
5. Thou shalt reuse non-biodegradable products.
6. Thou shalt minimise the use of chemicals.
7. Thou shalt leave a messy bit.
8. Thou shalt use hard landscaping with sensitivity.
9. Thou shalt use lighting responsibly.
10. Thou shalt teach thy children where food comes from.

Easiest commandment for me to keep: #6.
I don't use any chemicals and I don't mind delight in squishing aphids between my thumb and finger (eeeewwww) and am thrilled when ladybugs take up residence on my balcony.

Hardest for me to keep: #2.
I have a south-facing balcony but my favourite plants are ones that thrive in shady, moist conditions. I wish I had this view from my balcony window.

Most rewarding commandment to keep: #4
There's nothing to compare with the black gold created by vermicomposting. Harvesting this compost is a bit labour intensive and keeping the worms warm (and therefore alive) in the winter months is challenging on the balcony, but I think the results are worth the efforts. I'm going to share my personal experience with "red wigglers" in a future post.

Commandment in which I have a special interest and therefore am pleased to see: #10.
(Disclosure statement: I am a dietitian and want to learn more about how I can support school gardening in my community.)