Summer poetry

Some people eat ice cream or drink iced tea, some go swimming, and others nap on a blanket under a shady tree -- and I enjoy these pleasures, too -- but lately, I've been seeking relief from the heat (and to be honest, other stresses) by reading poetry.

Here is a selective sample of poems I discovered through my favourite blogs:

The Sun by Mary Oliver (posted by jen lemen)

The Summer Day by Mary Oliver (posted by Christine of Abbey of the Arts)

Daily by Naomi Shahib Nye (posted by Christine of Abbey of the Arts)


Addendum: I feel the need to tie this post to gardening. OK, here is the connection. Until today, for the past week it's been too hot to garden on my south-facing balcony with its glass railing and heat-amplifying deck. Even some of my nasturtiums got sun-burned. So, I've been taking refuge in the coolest room in my apartment, the office, and spending a lot of time online reading blogs. Well, one blog leads to another and it really isn't much of a leap to go from gardening to poetry. It's really a natural pairing.