Buy Nothing -- except Handmade -- Day

Keri Smith has 10 creative, fun, non-shopping, anti-consuming activities to do today and tomorrow. In fact, they would be 10 great blogging topics or themes. (Hmmm..... I think my blogging dry spell may be over.)

Satsuma Press 2008 Calendar November from 2008 Satsuma Press Calendar

I'd like to bend the rules a little bit, however, and give myself (and you) permission to buy handmade from designers and artists like Lynn. Here's why: you are not only getting a beautiful, lovingly-crafted item, but also the story behind its development from inspired idea to final creation as well as a glimpse into the mind and heart of an artist. I think this kind of "consuming" keeps the spirit of the day because it's spreading beauty and joy--it's not just about getting more stuff we want but don't need.

Earlier this week I (buyer/consumer) opened eagerly-awaited packages containing these hand-created-and-cranked letterpress creations and immediately dropped everything to sit down and closely observe Lynn's exquisite depictions of nature, perfectly rendered by simple lines and rich colours. And I (card-and-gift-giver) know my mom and close friends (recipients) will be delighted by them also.

So I hope this kind of buying today and tomorrow is considered "OK."

Addendum: Based on personal, extremely positive experience, I'd also like to recommend purchasing handmade gifts from Magpie Girl, jen lemen and Christine. I ordered their inspiring, passionate, small and beautiful zines earlier this fall.
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