Nutrition Care in Parkinson's Disease

Source: page 12 of the document described in this post. Click on the image for an enlarged, clearer view.

The British Dietetic Association in partnership with Parkinson's UK has developed a best practice guideline for dietitians on the management of Parkinson's. This free PDF document discusses nutrition management during the main stages of Parkinson's : (1) Diagnosis and Early Disease, (2)  Advanced Disease and (3) End Stage. The guideline is comprehensive yet concise, and the information is well-organized into sections with headings and subheadings, which facilitates scanning for specific information. For more than a dozen specific nutrition concerns and symptoms* the guideline offers evidence-based, practical and compassionate nutrition care strategies. I plan to use this nutrition care resource in my practice and will be recommending it to other dietitians.


* topics include healthy eating, weight changes, constipation, supplement use, dysphagia, side effects of medication, bone health, orthostatic hypotension, dietary protein manipulation, and oral and enteral nutrition support