Dietitians of Canada's Role Paper on Nutrition & Mental Health


Psyche designed by Julian Claus from the Noun Project


A recent social media campaign about mental health made me wonder: what has Dietitians of Canada (DC) published on the relationship between nutrition and mental wellness? A search on the DC web site led me to Promoting Mental Health through Healthy Eating and Nutritional Care, a recent, comprehensive, evidence-based role paper.

"An integrative literature synthesis was employed to outline the various intersections between nutrition and mental health and to inform dietetics-related policy and practice. The literature was organized within four key themes:

- Nutrition and its role in mental health promotion and disease prevention;
- Intersections between mental health conditions and dietetics practice;
- Diversity in practice, and
- Nutritional care for mental health populations."

(Source: Executive summary, page iv.)

I encourage you to visit the DC site to read the introductory commentary and complete document (PDF), but in case the resource's location changes or the DC site is down, you can also find it in my public Dropbox folder: